Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moving to the Gila Valley

Well, It's official.
Ou family is moving away from Globe and into the Gila Valley area. Matt has a job as a substitute teacher at Safford district, Thatcher district and Pima District, so he should have pretty steady work. We're moving into a rental home for a few months, until we can moove into a house, which we are dilligently working on. We'll be closer to sooooo many friends and family and we are so excited to be moving to the town qwe have always wanted to raise our family. When Matt and I met there 8 years ago, we always said we wanted to move back someday and now it's finally happening. The new temple is so close and The town is just so dear to us. So, June 26th, we're making the dream come true!!! Gila Valley, her we come!!!