Thursday, August 21, 2008

Albuquerque Zoo

Our family took a trip to New Mexico at the beginning of August and we visited the Albuquerque zoo while we were there. It was a really fun day. Most of the animals were weing VERY cooperative about being seen. Alot of them came right up to the glass so we could see them up close. Ethan really liked the Sea lions.

Ethan, LOOK!!!!

When we went to the Gorilla enclosure, one of the gorillas was getting really close and we were desperately trying to get Ethan to look at it, but he saw a big rubber ball in there and that seemed to be the only thing he was interested in. Matt was practically screaming"Ethan LOOK!", but all Ethan said was "Ball!" over and over again. I think the gorilla must have caugth on to what we were doing because he eventually came right up to the glass, sat on the ball Ethan was looking at, and even tapped on the glass with his fingers and licked the glass to finally get Ethan's attention. It was pretty funny.

Feed the birds

On eof the cool things you can do at the Albquerque zoo is feed the Lorikeets. It was so much fun. They climb right on your arm and everthing. We really enjoyed it.( Matt got bitten a few times, though)

Get Them off!!

It was a lot of fun feeding the Lorikeets, but they can get a little pushy when they see you have food. Matt made the mistake of turning his back on a few of the birds and he found himself literally crawling with lorikeets.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


While we were in Los Alamos, Ethan discovered how much he loves root beer. I just hope our bishop doesn't see these pictures.

Girly Birthday

While we were visiting my parents in Los Alamos, we celebrated my birthday. I decided that since I spend all my time with two boys and doing a lot of boyish things, that I wanted a girly birthday cake. I think we succeeded with this cake( although Matt and my father will tell you that it was a bit of an ordeal to get it)

Eating by osmosis

I remember that my mother read to me from a book (By Dave Barry, I believe) a passage that suggested that young children don't get the nutrients they need form their food by EATING it, but they absorb it through their skin. I wonder how he gets the nurients from his pants.....
Any way, at least we know he thought mommy's birthday cake was good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ice Cream!

Ethan and I shared a chocolate ice cream cone the other day. It got a little messy, but we both enjoyed it.