Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third Trimester, Here we go!

So, This Tuesday marked the end of the second trimester and now we are entering the last three months. It is exciting, but frightening at the same time. Ethan is soooo excited and sweet when we talk about Talia being born. He's started hugging and kissing other people's babies in church for practice and he's started giving my belly kisses too. He says he wants to help me give Talia Baths and sing her to sleep at night. I just hope this keeps up AFTER the baby is born and he doesn't completely freak out. Matt and I picked out some SUPER cute fabric online for the nursery. It has fairies on it, but it's neither pink nor purple, so it's feminie without being overly girly, which makes both of us happy. It's got light green and yellow dots on it and lots of fairies with white flowers, It really is perfect. Now I just need to get my mind and body ready to go into labor again(It was horrible last time) and just keep holding onto those happy excited feelings until the end of the summer!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Talia Grace Leavitt

We found out in the ultrasound place that we are having a little girl. So, I guess Ethan was right this whole time. Matt was soooo excited to find out the news. he's been secretly wanting a girl this whole time, but didn't want to say anything out loud to me about it. Today he was so sweet and gave me a big hug and said, "I'm holding BOTH of my girls". He is just so happy that we'll get to experience raising both a boy and a girl. Her name will be Talia Grace and we're so excited she's coming to our family!