Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leavitt Family Photos

Over our trip to Arizona this Spring, Matt and I were able to get copies of the Leavitt family photos that were taken over Thanksgiving Last year. I'm afraid many of us look a bit different now. (Sandi's lost a ton of weight, Ethan and Eliana have grown like weeds, Amanda is pregnant, etc.), But I still think the pictures turned out really well.

My son, the comedian

Every once in a while when we ask Ethan to smile, he'll give us this goofy face instead.I don't know if he'll keep it up for the rest of his life or not. I wonder how this face will look in High school Prom pictures.

Josh's family

This is Matt's brother, Josh with his wif, Amanda and their kids, Emily and Jonathan. Sadly, this picture will soon be out of date. They're expecting a new baby girl soon. We can't wait!

Jennie's family

This Matt's sister, Jennie and her husband, Parker and their daughter, Eliana.


These ones were my absolute favorites out of all of them. Didn't they turn out well?

Three is SO not a crowd

I hope I don't sound big headed, but I think I have a really cute family. What do you think?