Friday, December 4, 2009

I know this is old news, but Matt DID graduate from BYU witha degree in Theatre education in April. It was awsome having both sets of our presents and it was extra special having Matt's Grandma Leavitt there. We're all so proud of him!!!


So, everyone knows that cooking is one of my favortie things ever. Well,I've discovered that cooking with little kids is ten times better!

Superman costume!!!!!!!!

It really shouldn't be any surprisethat Ethan wanted to go as Superman for Halloween this year. I mean, all you have to do is step into his bedroom to see what his favorite thing is right now. Any way, I was really nervous about the costume, but in the end I think I did ok. He just loved it and was running around the house all night screaming, "I'm superman!!!!" he was so excited.

Trick or treat

Here's Ethan having a blast at the Stake building's trick or treat. The first one is of Ethan and his buddy, William. William told his mommy that he wanted to be an astronaut. He's trying to look at Matt and eat a lollipop at the same time, so it's hard to see his face through the helmet. The other one was too cute for me to resist. Ethan was a little shy about holding hands with a little girl he didn't know, but it's just sooooo cute!!!